Strategies for Sustainable Design x Fashion Revolution (3 CR)

Simone Austen-Heimberg

start: Tuesday, March 12th participans: 15

Can we promote egalitarianism and decolonization through
fashion activism?

The seminar is about activism, fashion, clothes, and textiles,
and the stories behind them. In this mix of theory and
practice, we will delve into concepts of egalitarianism,
decolonization, and climate crisis in the context of fashion
design activism.

Since everyone has a wardrobe, students will reflect on
their wardrobes to see how they relate to these concepts by
asking themselves: "Where do my clothes come from?"

The seminar will take place in the following sessions:
- Tuesday, 12.3., 9-11h - digital
- Tuesday, 26.3., 9-14h - on-site (incl. 1 hour lunch break)
- Tuesday, 9.4., 9-14h - on-site (incl. 1 hour lunch break)
- Tuesday, 16.4., 9-11h - digital

We will use these four sessions to delve into the concepts
and plan for Fashion Revolution Week. The outcome of this
activist design approach will be a USE-LESS talk and some
other kind of action during Fashion Revolution Week.

Open to all fields of students

place to be: 2A.2.35 for on-site meetings
Uhrzeit: - Tuesday, 12.3., 2024, 9-11h - digital
- Tuesday, 26.3., 2024, 9-14h - on-site
- Tuesday, 9.4., 9-14h, 2024 - on-site
- Tuesday, 16.4., 9-11h, 2024 – digital

1-2 days in late April for the final events (tba)
SWS: 34
Credits: 3

Attention: The registration is only possible in the period from 07.03.2024 - 11.03.2024

Registration mail to:

simone.austen-heimberg@hs-hannover.de & hanieh.choopani@hs-hannover.de