Disrupted bodies (3 CR)

Maria Silies

Start: 11.03.2019 Termine: 16 - 17:30 Uhr Ort: Raum 2A.2.05

This course is about experimenting with different body shapes through varied artistic mediums. We will investigate bodies in arts and design and study body languages by means of color, line-work, light and shadow. Once we have explored these areas, we deform, manipulate and reconfigure body shapes, creating new possibilities as to what a human (male, female or non-binary) shape could be. You are encouraged to challenge yourself by asking questions like: How might we interpret a human body in fashion illustration? What is the right medium to express, expose and veil a body? How do experiments lead to new shapes and forms? Which medium is the best one to visualize a certain idea? 

Within this course, you will learn to create physicality and expressions within your artworks and develop your own handwriting. The outcome of the course is a small body of artwork, ready for portfolio presentation.

Registration is only possible between March 4th - 8th.
For registration send e-mail to: maria.silies@hs-hannover.de