Editorial Design (3 CR)

Dr. Claudia Fortagne

Start: March 14th, Thursday 12:00-13:30 Room: Planet 2C 2.25

Course description: 
In this Class we will be exploring long-form graphic design. Our focus will be on little books, magazines or in general multipage documents. The skills developed are basically creating continuity and variety across a range of pages, presenting different kinds of information in context-appropriate formats. You develop visual sensitivity and competency in graphic communication. You improve your skills in composition and page layout. 
This is a design class—not a software training class. 
Students will be expected to have, or to develop, the technical and computer skills necessary to complete their projects in InDesign.

Educational objectives: 
 The acquisition of basic knowledge and skills concerning of multipage documents.

The acquisition of knowledge creating continuity and variety across a range of pages – considering the layout of text and Images.

The acquisition of basic knowledge concerning the process of design as a problem solving activity 

Recognize the social responsibility of the design profession 

Support of personal development 

The class is taught in English.

This class will be conducted as an intentionally inclusive community that celebrates diversity and welcomes
the participation in the life of the university of faculty, staff and students who reflect the diversity of our plural society. All may feel free to speak and to be heard without fear that the content of the opinions they express will bias the evaluation of their academic performance or hinder their opportunities for participation in class activities. In turn, all are expected to be respectful of each other without regard to race, class, linguistic background, religion, political beliefs, gender identity, sex, sexual orientation, ethnicity, age, or physical ability.

Registration is only possible between March 4th - 8th.
For registration send e-mail to: claudia.fortagne@hs-hannover.de